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Doreen Downing

The 7 Secrets to Essential Speaking: Find Your Voice, Change Your Life

The 7 Secrets to Essential Speaking: Find Your Voice, Change Your Life

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Many people are crippled in their personal and professional lives by a deep fear of speaking in public. They avoid leadership roles, get anxious in group settings, and refuse invitations where they might be called upon to make a toast.

If you struggle with being in the spotlight because you can’t control your nerves and you worry people will judge you, The 7 Secrets to Essential Speaking is for you.

The first two secrets focus on Stillness and Presence and will take you beyond scripts and performance techniques to connect you to the Essence of who you truly are. From there, you will discover the power of the 7 Secrets and:

·         Reach a calm, centered, inner core of strength

·         Engage your listeners and radiate confidence

·         Be your authentic self and speak with ease


Doreen Downing, PhD is a Psychologist, Founder of Essential Speaking, and Training Director of Speaking Circles® International. She overcame her own stage fright and developed the keys to relaxed and confident speaking found in this book. She now empowers others to find their voices and speak without fear. Doreen lives with her husband in Larkspur, CA, and enjoys hiking, watercolor, and music.

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