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Matt Mueller

The Mindful Innovator: Learn How to Slow Down to Innovate Faster & More Purposefully

The Mindful Innovator: Learn How to Slow Down to Innovate Faster & More Purposefully

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There is one word that can make consumers clamor, manipulate stock markets, and excite employees to come to work—Innovation. It has grown in popularity over the last half-century with over 2,000 books and reports arising annually. Philosophies and frameworks are released faster than iPhone models. And mantras like “innovate or die” and “fail fast” are pounded into company cultures. It is an arms race to get ahead. But what does innovation mean in these days of a post-COVID world, where results are needed instantaneously.

Companies today move at high speeds 
innovating just for the sake of innovating, generating concepts that have us scratching our heads in frustration, rather than focusing on creating strategic change. Matt Mueller’s The Mindful Innovator deploys awareness to uncover the secret formula to business success.

The journey begins by slowing down to reflect on one question—What was innovation like before there was a book or a process? 
The Mindful Innovator strips the industry to its foundation and shows how to build a powerful structure that will turn you into a change agent. You will be able to:
  • identify real problems
  • supercharge your creativity
  • collaborate like a pro
  • become a mindful Jedi getting others to adapt easily
After reading The Mindful Innovator you will become a beacon of clarity and purpose, creating meaningful change within your company, business, or entrepreneurship.
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